Selling your House Fast: Top Things that Turn off buyers

Have you tried selling your home without success? What could be turning off buyers? Well, if you are struggling to find the right buyer for your property, it is important that you find out why this is so before your property listing overstays on the market, making it completely difficult to sell.

Besides, when you know what is turning off your buyers you can be able to make a decision on the improvements you need to make or even opt for an easier method of selling your house.

You will acknowledge the fact that we all have different tastes and preferences that affect the decisions we make including buying a home. Consequently, while some people view purchasing property as an investment, others tie it to the quality of life they will experience for the next few years.

Consequently, property buyers that are financially motivated tend to be fussy because they know of those features that instantly put off buyers making it harder for them to sell the property in future. Some of the reasons that may be turning off buyers making your property not to sell home fast include the flowing:

  • Location – if your home is good but it is located in a bad area, selling it can be quite an uphill task. More and more buyers are realizing the importance of location when buying, selling or even in the ownership of property. Thus, you will do well not to spend too much on home improvements if your home is locate in an area that is prone to crime or has untidy streets. Sometimes it could be that the place was nice when you moved there but things went downhill. Thus, you need to understand the limitations of your property and manage them accordingly when setting your asking price and even negotiating the final price.
  • Bad décor – A home with a poor aesthetic appeal will definitely not attract buyers. While it is true that aesthetic appeal is a personal and subjective matter, there are a few rules that can help you to sell your house easily. For instance, you could paint the house in neutral colours, giving your house a spring clean and being cautious with the décor. Some of the décor issues may be a little costly such as fixing an outdated bathroom or even kitchen cabinets that have bold colours.
  • Structural problems – This is perhaps the most serious reason why many people are unable to sell their houses because of being worried of being stuck with a home with problems with the walls, foundations or roof among other things. Therefore, you will do well to take time and check if your house has visual signs of structural issues or even where a surveyor has highlighted areas of concern as it could be very difficult to sell your home unless you get this fixed.

When selling your house, you need to be alert to the numerous factors that are bound to be a setback when selling. This way, you can address the issues of concern in your marketing strategy and sell your house fast.

How to Sell your house Quickly

Have you found your next dream home and you want to sell your house fast? You definitely want to avoid being part of a chain as this can be a nail biting process. However, there are a number of things you can do to speed up the selling process. They include the following:

  • Taking the timing and market conditions into account

If your move is not sensitive and you do not want your house to sit on the market for a long period, you will do well to consider putting it up for sell at a time when there is demand especially during Autumn and Spring. Remember, it is usually harder to find a buyer during summer and winter.

You will also do well to keep tabs with the happenings in the market you are hoping to sell your house. In particular, you need to be informed of any developments that could affect the saleability of your house. You should also keep an eye on how fast the houses are selling, as this may well be an indicator of how fast yours will sell. You may want to talk to estate agents to help your get a feel of demand and agree on a realistic asking price.

  • Make your home a blank canvas for potential buyers

If you have lived in the house for a long period, chances are that it has a feel of your personality. This can be a hindrance to your plan to sell fast. Therefore, you will do well to rid the home of those things that are unique to you giving prospective buyers an opportunity to picture themselves in the home. You can achieve this through decluttering. Fixing any wear and tear, tone down on outdoor décor if any and ensure the house is neutral and spotless before you allow viewings.

  • Instruct a solicitor early

Conveyancing is one of the things that takes a lot of time in the property sale process. Thus, the sooner you get a conveyancer the better, as things will begin to move immediately a new buyer is found. Besides, the conveyancer could even begin to draft a contract and handle other administrative paperwork long before a buyer is found.

  • Consider the position of each buyer

It is a huge advantage if you are selling your house fast to a cash buyer or even a first time buyer without a chain. Where the purchase does not rely on selling their current home or even securing a mortgage, then there are minimal chances of everything falling through. Similarly, if the buyer has a good sized deposit ready to go or even a mortgage agreed in principle then this will sure speed up the process.

Do not shy away from negotiating because you definitely want to get the best possible price for your home. Even then, you must keep their buying position in mind. For instance, if you are to choose between the offer with potential delays and hiccups or one that is straightforward, you will definitely go for the one with a reduced price for the sake of simplicity and speed.

  • Sell your house to a property

If selling your house on the open market is fruitless and slow yet you need a quick house sale, you may want to consider selling your house to a quick house sale company. This is an excellent way of avoiding the delays and risks associated with having a chain without compromising on the price.

Well, selling your home to buy a new one can be one big yet most stressful transaction that you will ever make. Even then, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Rather, you just need to know how to sell your home fast to make this process less stressful. Ultimately, be sure to research carefully and seek expert advice before venturing out.

Factors that determine Price when Selling your House

Although it is undisputable that the best way to determine the asking and selling price of your house when selling is through carrying out a valuation, there are other factors that need to be taken into account.

These are factors that are beyond your control yet they have a huge impact on the price of your house and effectively, how fast it will take to sell the house. Here are factors that you need to consider and use them to your selling advantage:

  • The presence of good schools

If your house is located in close proximity with a school, you will do well to keep an eye on Ofsted reports that mainly offer a review of state schools. You will do well to monitor the reports carefully because over time, good schools could become bad schools and bad schools become good school. This means that you should not settle on the initial report. Generally, parents will be more willing to pay a premium to get their kids in a good school by moving into the area at regardless of cost.

  • New employer

When there is a new employer in the area that is recruiting new staff there will be an increased demand for houses. Consequently, this will drive the prices for houses up. When this happens, you can be sure to sell your house for a premium.

  • Property shortage

This is basically founded on the law of demand and supply. If your house is situated in an area where the demand outstrips supply, then the prices of property will go up far beyond the value of your property.

  • Changes in taste

A change in fashion and taste will affect he price of houses over time. For instance more than twenty years ago, Victorian house were not liked by the majority of people. However, over time, people began to appreciate the large rooms with high ceilings. When this happens, you can be sure to fetch a good amount from the sale of your house, as it would probably be among the few units available.

Although property valuation is usually done to guide you in pricing your house, other external factors may have an influence on your property. Therefore, you need to take time to study your property and the market as a whole before settling on a price.


Adding Value to Your Property with Home Improvements

It is an open secret that home improvements are an excellent way of adding value to your property ahead of a sale. Thus, whether you’d like a new en-suite bathroom, kitchen, an extension or you just want to give your lounge a makeover, all these will add value to your property and draw the attention of more buyers.

While some of these home improvement projects will cost you nothing, some of them may require a significant amount of money. In fact, some projects like kitchen remodeling, a parking space or garage and introduction of energy efficient measures that includes insulation, installation of a new boiler and even double glazing require significant financing.

You may use your savings to finance these projects or simply opt for financing from financial institutions as most of them have products tailored towards this cause.

Home improvement projects that are aimed at creating extra space are usually popular among property buyers. They include loft conversions, building home extensions as well as conservatories. Even then, you should not assume that your outlay is guaranteed to translate into a dramatic increase in the value of your property when you sell. Instead, you will do well to ensure that you focus on quality because those home improvements that are done badly could not only devalue your property but also reduce your chances of selling your property altogether.

In addition, in case you are unsure about the planning permissions that you require or even the building regulations that apply to your case, do not hesitate to look up for information on the government’s planning portal that clearly outlines the different areas of home improvement ant the permissions required.

Home improvements that can help cut energy bills

Several home improvement projects will increase the value of your home by simply increasing your property’s energy efficacy. They include the following:

  • Adding insulation – In particular, ensuring that the loft is insulated is a great way to keep the energy costs at minimal. This is because most of the household heat is lost here. However, it does not stop here. You could also consider insulating tanks, the floor as well as tanks effectively cutting your energy bills further.
  • Upgrading your boiler – Despite being widely ignored, upgrading your boiler to ensure that it is energy efficient will definitely make a noticeable difference to the amount of money you will generally spend on heating.
  • Double glazing – From retaining heat to reducing noise pollution, the inclusion of energy efficient double glazing windows is excellent way of saving energy and by extension the money you spent on energy bills.

There are multiple home improvement projects that are guaranteed to draw the attention of buyers to your property. You only need to identify what will work for you, how much is involved and where you will get the money to implement before getting started.

Energy Measures that Could Increase the Value of your Home

The value of your property can be affected by its energy efficiency. There has been a constant push for energy efficiency, cutting CO2 emissions as well as a host of other climate change factors that have pushed homeowners to strive to make energy saving improvements.

Apart from cutting the annual energy bills, having an energy efficient system will sure increase the value of your home even as more and more people are drawn towards ways of cutting bills. A home with energy efficient measures will certainly attract buyers.

Evidence of the effect of energy efficiency measure on Property Values

Reports from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) show linkage between key energy efficiency improvements to your home and increased house values. When done properly, energy efficiency improvements can increase the value of your house by between 14 and 39 percent depending on the location of your property.

According to DECC, when you upgrade your home’s Energy Performance Certificate by two bands, you will add an average of more than £16,000 to the valuation with the value of homes in North East of England going up by a whooping £25,000.

It is anticipated that as climate change initiatives get more challenging and the cost of energy is rising, pressure will be on households to cut on energy use. Consequently, energy efficiency is now a significant factor in the prices of property that is expected to increase over the coming years.

Although the cost of installation of double glazed windows as well as other fuel efficiency measures may appear to be prohibitive to some home owners these improvements should be deemed as a future investment.

This is because the potential fuel savings over the years are huge when compared to the initial investment. More significantly, you can add a premium to your home by ensuring the Energy Performance Certificate places it within the first three grades of energy efficiency (A, B and C).

Your house is an investment that needs to be taken care of including improving the energy efficiency that could reap rewards in future.  Thus, you will do well to consider investing in energy efficiency measures before you can put your home up for sale. You will do well to talk to experts to guide you in making the right move towards making your home energy efficient and more valuable.